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  Shenzhen, Qianjing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is one thousand sets polymer materials R & D, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Company of innovation is the soul of scientific and technological development, but also to achieve the company's source of inspiration. Improve the capability of independent innovation and building innovation-oriented company, is to implement the scientific concept of development, following the world science and technology, economic development trend of the inevitable choice, is to enhance industrial competitiveness, regional competitiveness of the practical requirements, the company "quality credit", "innovation "business philosophy, just continued to innovate around customer needs, through constant efforts to win the majority of new and old customers trust and praise, the company also has been considerable progress and development.

    The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification, in the polymer production industry with leading technology and stable performance set their own brand - "A Thousand Beijing QJ", is currently the polymer product categories the most diversified manufacturer.

    The company's advanced science and technology, the use of new technologies, new materials, the ability to enhance product market competition; to the modern management based on scientific and technical personnel to fully mobilize the creativity and enthusiasm for production employees, and continuously promote the company's technological progress; to benefit centric, relying on high technology, improve quality, enable enterprises to large-scale, diversified direction of expansion.

    I will uphold the "create a leading quality, offering the best service," service, "customer-centric," "based on customer demand" for customers to produce satisfactory products, but also to provide staff development platform for the community's economy boom! Committed to one thousand f Technology Development Co., Ltd. Beijing to become an influential international manufacturer of polymer materials.