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G4 G9 lamp beads encapsulation adhesive sealant G4 G9 glue

G4 G9 lamp beads encapsulation adhesive sealant G4 G9 glue

Product description:

QK-6852-2 by the A agent and B agent, which belongs to the 1.42 refractive index silica gel, particularly suitable for corn light potting, product transparency, rows of foam, curing cycle short, demoulding, high and low temperature resistance and good effect.

Technical parameters:


Before curing appearance colorless transparent liquid colorless transparent liquid

The viscosity of 1200cps 6000cps

The mixed proportion of 1:1

Mixed viscosity of 3500cps

The curing conditions of 80 ℃ +150 ℃ /30 minutes /30 minutes

Mixed time available for >5 hours

After curing transparent appearance

The hardness of 55A

A refractive index of 1.42

Guidelines on the use of:

1 A, B two groups divided according to the mass ratio of 1:1 to use,recommended operating production in dry dust-free environment.

2 planetary gravity mixer (since the revolution stirring defoaming machine) can be evenly mixed glue, or vacuum at room temperature to 100Pa degrees can be used to remove air bubbles.

3 point before the mold sprayed with release agent, in plastic injection before,please put corn lamp at 150 ℃ preheated 30 minutes above except tide, as soon as possible in the light not re absorption of moisture before dispensing.

4 after glue injection sample should be placed at room temperature for 30 minutes, until no bubble.

5 in 80 ℃ oven for 30 minutes, then immediately temperature 150 ℃ for 30 minutes can be completely cured, and then die.

6 without the use of glue into the clean, airtight containers, placed on the tablefor convenient use.

Corn lamp package glue, G4 G9 corn lamp packaging adhesive, molding plushigh index G4 G9 corn lamp packaging adhesive

Matters needing attention:

1 QK-6852-2AB plus silicone, temperature has great influence on the curing rate, adhesive should pay attention to the speed and time of stirring machine,control temperature should not exceed 35 ℃.

2 QK-6852-2AB addition silicone elastomer, should avoid contact with N, P, S,alkynes and dienes and lead, tin, cadmium, mercury and heavy metals, in order to prevent hardening of incomplete or not hardened, by sealing surfacemust be clean before in potting.

3 silica gel mode of operation is not the same, will produce different results,such as the bubble, interlayer, degumming, cracked gum phenomenon, pleaseavoid causing factors, or consult the relevant personnel.

4 the vacuum equipment is best is an open system, and not with the epoxy resin mixture, lest cause curing obstacles, the ideal is to set up an organicsilica gel dedicated production line.

5 need to use the mixing container for silica gel and stir bar, wearing rubber gloves to avoid contact with silica gel.

6 for silicone is not easy to defoaming sake, involved in plastic injection of gasor clearance time difference produces bubbles, please start from room temperature stage heating to help purge bubble.

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