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Five advantages of silicone implants

    The so-called breast implants, silicone for the outer membrane is based on solid medical, its contents are as follows: liquid silicone, silicone gel, water gel and saline and so on. Breast implant system into the liquid after its liquidity, after feeling good. Prosthesis can be designed into a single membrane bilayer capsule or capsule separated into multi-cavity, can also be designed to empty the bag with duct connecting the injection port-filled implants, it has the advantages of small incision. The prosthesis can be made into various shapes, sizes are available, and the shape, size by the surgeon according to age, height, chest shape, weight and degree requirements by the surgeon to select the appropriate model, the appearance of the prosthesis is generally hemispherical.

    Silicone implants since the 1970s, has been widely used in cosmetic breast augmentation, is recognized as the ideal substitute for breast implants, the advantages are:

     ① good biocompatibility, non-carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic effect.

     ② wide temperature adaptation.

     ③ mechanical properties: elastic recoil force, anti-tear strength, hardness and other than satisfaction.

     ④ chemical resistance: the body embedded in the silicone prosthesis with the body fluids and various ions and organic substances in long-term exposure process, maintain the original flexibility and softness, not hard, not brittle, will not be corrosion, metabolism, absorption and degradation.

     ⑤ easy processing, easy to use.

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