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LED lighting market to accelerate the expansion of

With the government and the public awareness of environmental protection and energy saving lighting with LED technology advances, LED is increasingly used in landscape lighting, traffic lights, interior lights, lamp, beacon lights, automotive LED lighting and indoor LED decorative lights on the market, and the LED is small, flexible, good directional characteristics of light, in many application areas has its advantages. According to industry research forecasts, by 2010 global demand for LED lighting to grow by 15% by 2012 the global LED lighting market will reach 20 billion U.S. dollars, average annual growth of 18%. LED spotlight, high power LED bulb and other lighting and landscape lighting will be the main power LED lighting market. Fastest in 2015, LED lighting market in China will reach 20% share, related industries scale up to 5,000 billion yuan, China will enter the top three global LED lighting market.

High-power LED applications in the mainstream market share continues to increase

China now has a mature supply chain with LED lighting, including epitaxial wafers, LED chips and packaging, focusing on large-size LCD backlighting, LED lighting and home lighting applications. China is expected in 2010 about 30% of the LED chip is produced locally, and in five years ago, LED chip, almost all imported.

2009 within the world, especially China has been actively promoting the lighting high power LED, high power, high brightness LED production increased steadily, despite the high power LED production share is still small. However, the average cost of LED chips per year decreased by 20% to 30% brightness is increased by 10 times the speed of development, with the LED chip technology to speed the development and mass production, expected prices to continue to fall, 2011 lumen LED chip units offer expected to be reduced by 10% to 20%, including all types, including high-power LED of the LED will be price cuts.

Since 2009, the outbreak began large-size back light market, making the LED and CCFL backlight units gradually narrow the price gap, LED backlight unit price in 2007 was three times the CCFL, the CCFL at the end of 2009 has only 1.5 times the LED backlight unit 2010 to seize a large number of traditional CCFL market. Given the declining cost of key components, LED high power LED manufacturers want to occupy two or three years to mainstream applications, and become the dominant lighting technology.

Major domestic and foreign production of high-power LED business development

Development to 2010, China produced power LED lighting manufacturers have hundreds of many, the production of high-power LED quality is different, mainly in the domestic current country star power, Jiuzhou Optoelectronics, Ruifeng power, Quantum Optoelectronics, Shanxi Guangyu, optoelectronics and other manufacturers in the universe with LED lighting devices made on behalf of a higher level. Statistics show that the country star power, Jiuzhou Optoelectronics, Ruifeng power LED lighting in 2009 among the top three market share, which Ruifeng power in the Shenzhen market top. China's first international star power on the PCB-based high-power LED device structure, substrate materials, production process, to achieve innovation. The end of 2009, the country star power up LED lighting division, started in LED lighting, light source modules and other LED application product development and production, an official involved in the downstream industry. Jiuzhou Optoelectronics Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group as a subsidiary, in 2004 entered the packaging industry, through mergers and acquisitions in 2007 expanded the way high-power lighting business, including 100lm / W high power LED R & D, LED lights inside the core technology and track and ship products using LED lighting research and industrialization. Now apply for patents, including patents, including a total of 90 more. Ruifeng power is the only country in the top three companies focused on LED lighting device package of the company, focusing on the core technology research and development, many universities and institutes and the Mainland, Konka Group, the establishment of technical cooperation, technology in the eutectic, secondary optics , the development of materials with high thermal conductivity, surface roughness of Technology (now the product can improve the overall efficiency of more than 30% of light), the product of the color rendering index (95 or more can be done up to now, this is far more than the required 80 standards) point and area light source, silicone molding, ceramic and other technical aspects of product development, the domestic leading level. Ruifeng power has become a global car dashboard, car audio, car DVD, large-size LCD backlight, phone, indoor lighting, decorative lighting and other fields mainstream supplier of optoelectronic devices. The manufacturers of LED lighting production accounted for more than 60% of the domestic market, average gross margin of 30 percent. The current technology of these domestic enterprises in the package can be shoulder to shoulder with the world's top manufacturers, so the imported components than domestic package power LED lighting device has significant comparative advantages, product prices in line with Taiwan.

Foreign manufacturers currently mainly Cree and LumiLEDs represent the highest quality on the market for high-power LED, power LED is basically of the global high-end market for more than 90%. Er Cree's products due to many species of all kinds of high-power LED relatively complete, the output is large and Gong Huojiao Wending become the mainstream of high power LED. Taiwan, China accounted for the production of high-power LED market, most of the end product, the production of high-power LED high cost.

The development of high power LED characteristics and trend analysis

The development of high power LED lighting applications has been the main target, although now widely recognized that the field of LED lighting into the general is still a certain threshold, but with the landscape lighting, LCD backlighting applications, and miner's lamp, street lighting and other functions of the rapid development of applications, large power white LED is still in the technical specifications and applications to enhance the expansion of the scale to maintain a very fast pace of development is expected in the next few years the pace of development of high power LED is expected to remain above 50%.

According to the U.S. Sandia National Laboratories made LED lighting cost analysis, investment cost is the cost of buying a light bulb (lumens per trillion) spread over the entire life cycle operating costs is a light bulb in the run-time costs (lumens per trillion time), cost of ownership and investment costs and operating costs, reflecting a light bulb from the purchase, run to the end of life throughout the life cycle of the total cost. LED lighting technology development objectives are: luminous efficiency in stages from 2002 to 25lm / W to 2007 75lm / W, 2010 years of 150lm / W and 2020 of 200lm / W, light costs $ 200 from 2002 / 2007 thousand lumens down to 20 dollars / thousand lumens, 2010 5 U.S. dollars / thousand lumens and 2020 $ 2 / thousand lumens. With the application fields and market expansion, development of high-power LED characteristics and trends are also some changes gradually, showing some of the new industrial features:

1 to gradually reduce the price of mainstream products LED

Currently, Cree production of luminous flux 70 ~ 90lm of 1W white LED products to maintain the market price at 17 yuan basically the same type of LumiLEDs product prices in the 19 to 21 yuan; China Taiwan 1W white LED (flux 70 ~ 80lm) Price from 10 yuan to 15 per month; mainland imported high-power LED chip package price in line with Taiwan's products, domestic production of high-power LED (50 ~ 60lm) the basic price of 5.50 yuan.

Now have the ability to supply large quantities of white LED power device manufacturers are still confined to the Ruifeng power, the country star power, Guangzhou Hongli and Taiwan Everlight, Lite and other manufacturers, along with the high power white LED applications, the continuous growth and photosynthetic efficiency enhance the expected price of its single LED will gradually decrease.

(2) the cost and heat dissipation LED is still the biggest obstacle to replacing traditional lighting

LED lighting is the most attractive application areas, costs for the LED to replace traditional lighting is critical. Although the price of LED lamps in relation to its traditional double life is not high, and can be used to save the latter part of the replacement and maintenance costs, but the initial costs are often directly subject to the purchase budget. Philips LED applications that affect the current major bottleneck is more expensive than traditional lighting lumen 10 times. So take a light efficiency to 150 lm / W, the drive current from 700 mA to 2A, at the same time the die and the package cost will be reduced by half, to a large-scale popularity in the field of lighting applications.

The Ministry of Electronic Information Division, said deputy inspector off white, LED package is in the light and heat in a device are integrated together, and heat to bring the greatest impact on the LED device, if the total achieved in the case of high illumination, It will greatly affect the life of the lamp or lighting devices, so the package structure to the LED lighting poses a severe challenge.

3 high-power LED market prospects for domestic use

Currently, the landscape lighting market is the largest high-power LED lighting applications market share of around 43%. It's a new round of rapid growth is bound to all the high-power LED lighting industry to bring new impetus to the development. In addition, the global leader in high-power LED technology for materials, processes and packaging technologies to improve the positive, high-power LED luminous efficiency and performance has been rapid increases in high-power LED has started to indoor and outdoor general lighting, automotive exterior lighting, searchlight and other new markets. High-power LED lighting industry in the next 3 to 5 years by leaps and bounds, to overturn the traditional lighting industry structure.

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