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China organic silicon industry: a basis for rapid

    This innovation has risen to national strategy proposition for China organic silicon industry, once a fervent dream. 20 years, they face 90 percent of Chinese market share of organic silicon occupied by multinational state, hard road of independent innovation in exploration, and made a breakthrough for China organic silicon industry's rapid development has laid a foundation.
    Extraordinary development of structural silicone sealant
    Silicone sealant is a key structural hidden frame curtain wall sealing adhesive material. In the late 1960s, the building began to use foreign structural silicone adhesive. In the early 1980s, from Beijing Great Wall Hotel, a glass curtain wall installation of the first since China began to use silicone rubber products, was all imported products. Dow Corning and GE's long-term United States occupy a major share of the domestic market until 1998, this situation was challenged.

    Testing in recent years, the state's legal institutions to domestic and foreign products identified the sample test results can be seen that the performance of domestic products, especially in the tensile bond strength is better than the number of imported products. Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industry, represented by several domestic manufacturers of silicone rubber product applications developed by a small curtain wall curtain wall to the large and very large projects. The market share of domestic products has rapidly increased to 70%, accounting for a major share of the domestic market.

    HTV silicone rubber leap

    Since the 1950s China began the development of HTV silicone rubber products, to the 1990s into commercial production. Scientific and technical personnel for the continuous silicone rubber technology has developed a series of supporting devices and technologies, in just 10 years time will our country's HTV from pilot-scale rapid manufacturing technology to the world advanced level, and won the 2001 annual national technical Progress Award. Meanwhile, the technology is also sold to South Korea and Poland, the company is a small silicone industry in China several technical output.

    High pressure silicone rubber composite insulator as the past 20 years to develop a new type of insulator, due to its light weight, insulation, anti-fouling performance, in EHV transmission lines occupy an important position. At present, silicone rubber insulators manufacturers of such products have been fully achieved localization, but also in the developed world's first 750kV-class products, in particular the successful application of high voltage transmission lines, and exported in large quantities.

    Fumed silica breakthrough innovation

    Fumed silica has been the main technology to master by a few foreign companies, the annual output of about 12 million tons. The production of fumed silica in China began in the 1960s, but the capacity and quality gap with foreign large majority of domestic market by foreign products occupy, how to achieve high-quality domestic production of fumed silica has become a priority.

     In 2001 China's science and technology to take advantage of organic silicon monomer production process by-product production of fumed silica. Currently, the main technical parameters of the domestic product has reached the international level. With the technology when the technology will be in Guangzhou Ji Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2010 years ago, the hydrophilic fumed silica production capacity of 8,000 tons / year, surface treatment products 1,000 tons / year, while the use of fumed silica equipment with higher technological content of production, greater value-added fumed titanium dioxide, alumina and its composites.

     The rapid development of downstream product technology

     Downstream products of silicone rubber, silicone, silicone resin, silane coupling agent such as the manufacturing process is relatively simple, rapid development. It is also after the processing of organic silicon business and industry, the rapid development of the huge demand for raw materials supply made, greatly promoted the development of upstream industries. Especially since the 1990s, after the processing of organic silicon business to flourish, silicone rubber, textile factories and other silicone products all over the country. So far has formed a business-oriented, and independent research institutes interactive technology innovation system.

     Provide strong support for basic research

     Over the years, the domestic research institutes in the silicone-based research has made a series of results, for the development of the industry provide a strong support. Dawn homes and other finished tons of organic silicon science and technology research, to capture a number of enterprises need technology; Institute of Chemistry, the first in the country to carry out silicone rubber, silicone, silane coupling agent and silicone emulsion of basic research and industrial application of basic research for organic silicon industry make an important contribution; Shandong University since 1957 silicone research and development, made a series of technical achievements, and most realize the industrial application; Hangzhou Teachers College, Organosilicon Chemistry and Material Technology Development Laboratory a kiloton methylphenyl dichlorosilane continuous production technology.

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