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Solar Junction Box Potting Silicone

Solar Junction Box Potting Silicone QJ-2066 Brochure:

This product is there and the two-component silicone sealant is a synthesis of a new thermal insulation materials, curing and hold heat, no corrosion, shrinkage, for a variety of electronic components, heat sealing, casting, the formation of thermal insulation series. Product has the following characteristics:
1: room temperature curing, curing speed, at 25 ℃ 1 hour after filling plastic to enter the next process, high efficiency, ease of use
2: waterproof, at (-60 ℃ -250 ℃) to maintain the low temperature range of silicone rubber excellent flexibility, excellent electrical properties, good thermal conductivity, chemical resistance, yellowing resistance, aging resistance.
3: with most plastics, rubber, reinforced nylon PA and PPO polyphenylene oxide materials such as good adhesion.
4: flame-retardant properties to UL94V1 level.
5: full compliance with the EU ROHS environmental protection directives.
Used for waterproofing, insulation, flame retardant, thermal requirements with special potting electrical and electronic components, solar modules dedicated to the junction box potting.
Technical parameters
Inspection Item Specification
Appearance A white uniform fluid
B colorless or yellowish transparent liquid
Viscosity (25 ℃), mpas A A: 5000 ~ 10000
B B: 25 ~ 55
Mixing ratio (weight ratio) 100:10
Operating time (min) 20 ~ 50
Completely cured (hr) 2 ~ 24
Hardness (A) ≥ 30
Tensile elongation (%) ≥ 100
Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥ 0.80
Volume resistivity Ω · cm ≥ 1.0x1014
Thermal conductivity W (m.k) ≥ 0.5
Flammability rating UL94-1

A first rubber mix (such as stored too long, there may be stratification), revisit the A, B groups pided according to weight ratio A: B = 100:10 mixture and stir to make potting, 1 hour after sealing the surface to cure. Note: should be A, B component mixing evenly, otherwise it will affect the curing performance; with a good compound to be used up during use.
Packaging and storage
1, the product A, B block are used plastic barrels, A: 20Kg / drum, B: 5KG / barrel.
2, this product is non-toxic and non-dangerous goods, to avoid the rain and exposure, stored in a cool (25 ℃ or less) dry; B components should be sealed dark storage, shelf life is 12 months.
3, This product is non flammable and explosive materials, can be transported as common chemicals.

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